Nice to (virtually) meet you,

My name is Tricia Mogensen, and I am excited to help you transform your business!

Before I became a business owner myself I was working in the medical field. I was a Registered Dental Assistant and General Manager of a Dental Practice. Through my expertise with business I was able to scale that practice to over 7 figures through internal and external strategies.

Any business can have success with the right people and the right systems. Which is why marketing, systems and strategies are my passion.

I thrive on making sure myself, my team and my clients are highly organized. From hashtags to P&L reports. They all have a place when it comes to owning and operating a business.

Flash forward to today - my clients that I work with on a 1:1 basis or through my full service agency are empowered to succeed through the systems and marketing tools I’ve developed.


What I Do:

I help entrepreneurs and business owners scale their business through internal strategies and social media marketing.

Services Offered:

1:1 High Touch Consulting

Social Media Management