The 7 Types Of Content You Should Be Using On Instagram

Instagram is a purely visual medium. But it can challenging to continually think of new and interesting ways to create content that appeals to and engages your followers. Here are seven types of content that can help you maintain a strong, cohesive feed.


Take advantage of Instagram Stories! With it’s short-lived content (disappearing after only 24 hours), it gives you the opportunity to experiment with different types of content that won’t live forever in your Instagram feed(unless you save them as a highlight). You can figure out what your audience responds to and what has the biggest return for your business. Plus, with the ability to save it to your device, you can ultimately re-use content in another way later.


Video is a major player in the social media marketing field. There is often no better way to showcase specifics elements of your brand than to demonstrate in a video. Video can show your audience steps in a process or show them a deeper glimpse into your brand more easily than photographs. It can give you the opportunity to really highlight elements of your business. A food or drink demo, hair style demonstration, the process behind stenciling or embossing items can all be shown on your Instagram videos by drawing potential customers in. When used in Instagram Stories, video can also provide a fun glimpse into your business and brand that may not fit within your Instagram feed strategy.

Polls & Surveys

Instagram polls and surveys are a great way to get immediate feedback from your audience. Only available in Instagram Stories, you can ask your followers simple questions that only require them to tap a button or open-ended questions that they can type responses to. If you choose to use these options, make sure you review the data because it will disappear when your Story does (after 24 hours). This helps you get feedback that you can then use in your business.


To stay on-brand and cohesive, curating an Instagram feed that follows a theme can help make your feed stand out to your followers.  These can be a color scheme, a pattern on your Instagram grid, or a more general aesthetic that you maintain. An Instagram theme means that your followers get a stronger sense of your business vibe and brand.

Inspiration & Motivation

This is a great way to reach your customers through simple content. Often seen in the form of quotes, inspiring content is powerful when used correctly. It’s even more effective when you keep it in your brand voice. Your company uses humor? Finding quotes that will make your customers laugh along with you will make them relate to you. Want to maintain a more serious tone? Finding profound quotes about life and the world can resonate with your target customers.

Partnered Content

When you partner up with other brands and businesses, you provide your customers with additional businesses to support, but you also have the potential to gain more followers and customers. Partnered content can take a variety of forms. Working with influencers can get your product or service in front of a large number of followers, but you want to make sure the influencer has a lot of followers in your target market. Partner giveaways can link your business with one that offers complementary services and products. Instagram takeovers can mean that you give the reins of your feed over to someone else. This can infuse your feed with some new and different content.

User Generated Content

Tap into your followers! What better way to see your services and products in action than by having your customers show them in use. You can approach this kind of content in two ways. You can search for content already created by your followers and re-use it (with permission!). Or, you can hold a giveaway or content that requires your followers to show them highlighting your business. This can give you a lot of content that you can fit throughout your feed.