For as long as I can remember I’ve been taking pictures. My favorite childhood memories were dressing up with my friends and doing “modeling” photo shoots. It’s always been an outlet for me to create and allow people to see the visions I have in this head of mine.

Flash forward 20 years or so I am blessed to work with people who inspire me and allow me to grow as a creative.

If you are interested in booking a shoot please contact me so we can discuss your goals and what your images will be used for.

I don’t like to be stressed for time or feel like we need to rush through anything which is why I charge a flat rate per session. This typically generates 50-100 assets and will be delivered to your inbox in a digital file so you can download or print as you please. Typically a 7-14 day turnaround time. All sessions are non-refundable and prices start at $479.

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